December 19, 2014

#Blogmas Day 19: Colour Correcting Concealers

A problem I've noticed more recently with my skin is different pigmentation in certain areas, for example purple dark circles under my eyes or some redness from spots. I did a little research and I found out about colour correcting concealers. Obviously, I was a little sceptical at first. Will putting green cover up on my face really make it look less red? However, I have to say I am now converted to the idea. For those of you that don't know about colour concealers, carry on reading and for those that can skip to the product review at the bottom!

To keep it quick, I've written a little guide about which colour does what and where you should normally put it. If you think of the colour wheel and contrasting/complimentary colours, this will make things a lot clearer. However, DO NOT just go out with the colours on your face! You will have to blend skin toned concealer or foundation over the top.
Orange: This is opposite blue in the colour wheel, meaning it should be used on any blue pigmentation on the skin. For example, any really dark circles or bruising can be counteracted with Orange.
Yellow: For me this is the most useful of them all. Yellow is opposite purple which means it is the best colour for those pesky under-eye circles, something I have been struggling with. 
Green: Another very useful one! It is contrasting with red and therefor cancels out this colour when places over any spots or blemishes. 
Lilac + Pale Pink: I've grouped these two together because they do pretty much the same thing and you normally need to blend them together anyway! If you want to highlight dull skin this is exactly what you need! Since these pastel colours aren't really on your standard colour wheel, you can use these to push away any grey or dull looking areas.

Now, on to my product review. I bought the MUA Pro Base Prime&Conceal Palette for £3 mainly because I didn't want to spend a lot of money if I ended up not loving the effect of coloured concealer. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Okay, so it isn't the best concealer out there but the colours are highly pigmented so you do get the full effect once they're blended into the skin. They are a little on the oily side so I'd stay away from these if you've got oily skin. For a beginner who wants to test out the colours, this is ideal. I've since gone on to see the NYX do a range of the individual colours which I'll definitely be purchasing. Personally, I only really use yellow, green and lilac so buying them individually makes a lot of sense. 

I hope this has hopefully helped you understand colour correcting concealers a little better and given you and idea of where to put each tone. Let me know if you try them out!
Brontë xo

December 18, 2014

#Blogmas Day 18: Photo Diary - Festive London

Just a little insight into how festive London is looking at the moment, along with some of my favourite photos from my recent visit!

*all photos are mine, please do not steal them without crediting correctly*

Sorry it's a very photo heavy post! I promise I'll be a little more chatty tomorrow.
Brontë xo

December 17, 2014

#Blogmas Day 17: Christmas Outfit Inspiration

Today I wanted to give you a little inspiration for a Christmas Day outfit. I think this season it is near enough impossible to avoid knee high black boots and camel coats of all varieties. For me, I love any dresses with collars. In particular this little white shirt dress is something on my christmas list this year as it is such a versatile piece.

Christmas Day Style
I created this little set using Polyvore which is something I want to start using a lot more on my blog as I think it looks so effective. You can check out my profile here.

Hopefully you can take inspiration from this post and have a couple more ideas on what to wear this Christmas.
Brontë xo

December 16, 2014

#Blogmas Day 16: TTT Current Lip Favourites

Top three Tuesday this week is my current lip favourites. Recently I've started to use a lot more of lip related products as I used to think because I have quite bright lips already that no colours really showed up that well. Whilst in America this summer I started using all sorts of drugstore cosmetics. I'm a total lip convert now. My most recent favourites are all quite Autumn/Winter so hopefully there is something here for everyone.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 08
I myself don't own Mac Velvet Teddy but I have it on good authority that this is a completely dupe for it. All of the Kate Moss/Rimmel lipsticks have a great formula. They've recently released a lot of new shades and a couple of matte ones too which I'm excited to try out over the holidays. The shade 08 is very wearable for everyday but also has enough impact to wear at night too. If you lightly blend this colour it can create a really good "your lips but better" look. My one complaint is that they don't have names, only numbers as far as I can tell.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 870 Shocking Coral
I originally bought this for the summer months but I actually really love wearing orangey tones through winter too when I don't want to wear something berry! These lipsticks from Maybelline have such a creamy formula and are without a doubt some of the most pigmented drugstore lipsticks ever. I love the packaging too. The bright cover gives you a rough indication of what's inside. This is perfect if you're in a rush and need to pick something up for on the go application.

E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart (online it is just called Cherry)
I really didn't want to like these mainly because I hate the little sponge applicators but I have fallen in love with them anyway. They are, in brief, a liquid lipstick but they just look so great on. I don't understand it! The formula is ever so slightly sheer which makes for an easier and quicker application but they last for hours without moving or loosing their colour. I love this red shade too as its a great alternative to applying red lipstick because these are so ridiculously simple.

(Swatches L to R) E.L.F Cherry Tart, Maybelline Shocking Coral, Rimmel 08

Which is your favourite of the three, have you used any of these before?

Brontë xo

December 15, 2014

#Blogmas Day 15: Rimmel Make-Up Haul

When it comes to high street/drugstore make-up I think it's quite difficult to beat Rimmel based on quality and price. I'm yet to buy a bad product from them. They do a whole range of beauty items from mascaras and eye liners to foundations and BB creams. If you want options, you want Rimmel. 
I went into superdrug the other day and they had three for two on all Rimmel cosmetics so naturally I took the offer!

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara
Hands down the best mascara I own. It has argan oil in it which means it never feels heavy or dry, your lashes feel completely moisturised. It has a plastic brush which I'm normally not a huge fan of but I have to say it coats and separates every lash individually and definitely makes them look fuller.

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream in Light
This is the ideal solution to not wearing foundation because it has a relatively good level of coverage. It reminds me of the La Roche Posay CC cream. They're a similar texture and seem to do pretty much the same thing but Rimmel is half the price! I think I'll wear this a lot more in the summer months especially because of the high spf but also because of its summery scent.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Give Me A Cuddle
I'm not thrilled with this colour balm mainly because I think I may have picked up the wrong shade. I was looking for something I can have in my bag if I just want a light lip pick-me-up, however this doesn't quite fit that description. Don't be fooled by the word 'balm'. These are actually quite pigmented which I normally would never complain about. Give me a cuddle is a little too barbie pink for me but I'd love to try this in a dark red shade as I would imagine they're a great alternative to a lipstick.

Rimmel Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry
I rarely use powdered blush just because I don't think they look great on my skin. Consequently, I have quite the collection on liquid and cream blushes. I've only used this twice so far but my first impression is I have to use very little as there is a lot of pigmentation in a tiny amount. It blends really easily and I love this shade. Personally, I think it should be called sunkissed peach as it has quite orange undertones but that won't stop me repurchasing it...if I ever finish this tube!

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in 261 Noir
I've grouped these two together which may seem a little odd considering they're for completely different things but they actually work in a similar way. Eastend Snob is my latest go-to lip liner (don't worry, I'm not pulling a Kylie Jenner). The formula of both of these products is pretty much waterproof and both have strong colour payoff too. I would recommend both of these for any make up bag simply because they do exactly what you would expect and they're budget friendly too.

Are there any rimmel products you're loving at the moment that I should know about?
Tomorrow I'm talking about my top three lip products at the moment which may or may not include a rimmel product again!
Brontë xo

December 14, 2014

#Blogmas Day 14: Sunday Round-Up

This week has been a little all over the place! I've been finishing off the last of my christmas shopping and of course attended the BBC music awards. Again, I've been neglecting my instagram but my Pinterest has had a fair bit of love and attention. Here's a little peek into my week:

Pinterest: Some of my pinning highlights from this week!

Photo Credit: Tumblr
Photo Credit: Anthropology 
Photo Credit: DustJacket Attic

My mom and I have a tradition of making a garland to go down our staircase at Christmas. It's actually a lot simpler than it looks!

Sorry for the slightly sparse post, its been a crazy week! 

December 13, 2014

#Blogmas Day 13: BBC Music Awards

On Thursday I was lucky enough to get tickets to the first ever BBC Music Awards and saw some amazing people live including: Ed Sheeran, One Direction, George Ezra and Clean Bandit! Unfortunately I mainly took videos but I have a couple of photos (predominantly confetti related) that hopefully won't make you too jealous. 

Tomorrow is my weekly round-up which at the moment is looking a little sparse, bare with me!

December 12, 2014

#Blogmas Day 12: Beyoncé Style Steal

So I was going to talk about the BBC music awards today but then I saw Beyoncé's outfit from the Billboard Women in Music lunch. Instantly, I remembered seeing a dress in H&M that looks near enough identical. Actually this is a lot more wearable because, let's face it, none of us have legs quite as toned as Beyoncé.
Bey's original dress is from Haute Hippie (available here) and isn't exactly affordable at £390. The rusty red perfectly compliments her skin tone and her caramel toned blonde hair.

So the H&M website styling doesn't really do the similarities justice but I can assure you that in person you'll be pushed to find a better match. The colour is slightly off as the cheaper option is slightly more berry toned which 
If you're still not sold, it costs just £29.00 which is less than a tenth of the price. 
H&M dress available here.

Hopefully another celebrity duplicate outfit won't distract me tomorrow and I'll actually get around to talking about the BBC music awards, which were incredible!
Brontë xo

December 11, 2014

#Blogmas Day 11: NVOTM Essie Ballet Slippers

How has it already been a month since I last did my nail varnish favourite?! So this might be a slight contradiction since I said I was open to other nail varnish brands other than essie but my nail varnish of the month is Essie Ballet Slippers. This is my go-to nail varnish because I know exactly what it will look like, its long lasting and dries super fast. Fool-proof. 
and because I went through a stage of searching for this ring and commenting on endless amounts of blog posts that featured it trying to find out where it was ring is from Miss Selfridge. I was bought it by one of my friends because my name is Brontë I often get called 'B' so the bumblebee thing kind of caught on.
Tomorrow I have a SUPER EXCITING post about the BBC music awards which I am at right as this post goes up!

December 10, 2014

#Blogmas Day 10: Ebay Make-Up Brushes

Today I'm going to share with you some make-up brushes that were a bit of an impulse buy (available here). My main reason for buying them was to give my brush collection some more variety; especially for eye make-up. They cost £7.95 for 10 brushes. Yes really. With a little gold polka dot customisation they look a hell of a lot more expensive too!

 I have to say this brush (above) is incredibly similar to the real techniques expert face brush. I feel like I need to do some sort of post just on this brush because it is honestly so good and basically works out as less than £1. It's perfect for blending in concealer and any bronzer, blusher or highlighter.
 This taperer brush is ideal for contouring. It fits perfectly on my cheekbone+hollow and picks up just the right amount of product.
This little gem is good for pretty much everything, hence the half rubbed off gold polka dot. I would say I've used this small blending brush the most. For everyday make-up I use it to blend my concealer in smaller places such as around my nose or under my eyes. If I'm feeling more adventurous and attempt a smokey eye, this blends it all together nicely.

I don't rely on them as much as my Real Techniques brushes but I can't complain about the quality at all. They all washed really well and so far no loose hairs. My gold sharpie polka dots are fading though. 
Tomorrow on the blog, it's somehow been a month since my last NVOTM so I'll talking all things nail varnish again!
Brontë xo

December 09, 2014

#Blogmas Day 9: TTT Concealers For Everything

With regards to my every day make-up routine I'm not a huge fan of foundation as I'm yet to find one I'm completely happy with. I rely heavily on BB and CC creams which sometimes don't give the level of coverage I need, because of this I've developed a pretty good understanding of the best concealers and when to use them. In addition to this, I've found some great budget buys that I'm going to be focusing on today.

 I'm going to start off with a brand that some of the UK might not yet be familiar with. Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f) is a US brand that stocks budget make-up that is surprisingly good quality. With prices starting at £1 on their UK website you can't fault the price. This concealer is great for covering blemishes as it is provides heavy coverage. The colour range isn't great so I tend to blend Beige and Honey.  

 My favourite of the three is the Wake Me Up Concealer. I would only use this for under-eye circles as the very slight shimmer reflects light and essentially makes you look more awake. I don't leave the house without this on as it illuminates skin just the right amount and still provides enough coverage. I use the shade Classic Beige which is a perfect match.

I have a love hate relationship with the Lasting Perfection Concealer and currently I am loving it. The creamy texture can be used for all elements of concealing. At times, it can be a little cakey but with a little bit of blending it usually covers perfectly. I just wish they did a neutral medium shade as I'm alway switching between warm and cool medium. Nevertheless its a great product.

Tomorrow I'll be showcasing some amazing make-up brushes I picked up from a  slightly unexpected place.
Brontë xo