July 07, 2014

WIMHL - everything but beauty

Another insight into my luggage for my trip to LA. This time I'm covering all things non-beauty related. Again, I would love to know suggestions of what helps you get through a flight...especially long haul! I couldn't add books for some reason but I'll no doubt get through at least one on my flight, along with a film or two.

What's in my Hand Luggage - Beauty Edition

I fly out to California tomorrow with a total of 12 hours flying (including my connecting flight in Vegas). I'm one of those people who feels the need to be super prepared for everything when flying, so I was looking a lot at guides on what to take in your hand luggage. I have to say, nothing really stood out or was posted recently so I figured I would give my take on things in the hope it will help some one else who is as equally over prepared.

If you've got any suggestions on what else is useful I'd love to know, I'll try and post my other WIMHL on clothing before I fly out although it all depends on the security queues at the airport...looooong! 

July 01, 2014

A Fashionable Thought

I imagine that you've been lead to my little blog through searches relating to fashion, gap years and probably some other random words. I decided to set up "a fashionable thought" to document my own relationship with fashion and to generally have a place to talk about my life amongst other things.
So here's a little bit about me to get things started:
My name is Brontë, age 18 and I was a student studying textiles, art and french at A2. In I started my gap year and I'm currently travelling as much as I physically can in a year! After that...I'm not quite sure where I'll end up, it could be uni or something else but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
I'm quite obsessed with accessories, shift dresses, high heels and my nail polish collection is multiplying at a worrying rate. I absolutely hate crushed velvet, mushrooms and pigeons but I adore lace, pearls and ribbon. A big dream of mine is to have my own fashion label and design individual pieces for as many people as possible! If neutral tones can be classed as colours, they would definitely be my favourites.

age 3 - completely ahead of the fashion game, wearing neon sunglasses 
As you can see, I've always been rather fashion forward and my mom claims I've been drawing little sketches of clothes since I could hold a pencil! My family are ridiculously supportive and they have never discouraged me from the idea of working in fashion (as unreliable as it can be at times) but have always kept my feet on the ground. My family is pretty huge and all of my sisters and step sisters are older than me...its chaotic to say the least but I wouldn't have it any other way.
My sisters and I all in one place, a very rare occasion!
I think that's enough about me for now, so I'll get started on my own fashionable thoughts.
I'd love to hear from anyone in the comments below or via twitter, instagram or bloglovin. I'm happy to answer any questions or take suggestions for future posts. 

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