November 19, 2014

Nail Varnish of the Month//November

I've always considered myself an 'Essie girl' and until recently I wouldn't touch any other brands because Essie is always so reliable. However, I wanted to try a bit of a risky shade and the thought of spending more than a couple of pounds on something I might only use once wasn't appealing. So, I did a bit of research and heard some good things about the Maybelline Colour Show collection. For £2.99 I couldn't not buy one.

The shade 'Wow Orange' was exactly what I was looking for and now is my go to colour. The formula, brush and pigmentation are the perfect combination. I used one coat over a base and it was completely opaque, not to mention really shiny and quick drying. The actual brush applicator is ideal for my nails too.

AND it lasted without chipping for 8 DAYS...8 FULL DAYS!!!!! This was on what I would call a bad hand week too where I had my nails in water for long periods of time etc. It is safe to say I was amazed. So, for £3 each (with a couple of nail effect shades for £4) I went back to super drug and bought a few more. It is looking pretty likely that I'll soon own the whole range!