December 01, 2014

#Blogmas Day 1: What You Can Expect

Unfortunately I've lost my camera cable+had awful internet connection all day so can't put up my original day one post so I figured it would be better to give you a rough guide to what you can expect throughout #blogmas from me.

For Make-Up Lovers...
After visiting California this summer/autumn I bought a lot of American brand make-up so I'll be putting up a couple of reviews PLUS where you can find some of these amazing products in the UK.
Not to mention, superdrug is fast becoming my second home so there will be some British Beauty Buys too, don't you worry.

For Winter Fashion Lovers...
HAULS HAULS AND MORE HAULS. I like to shop a lot which is fast becoming a problem so hopefully you can take some inspiration from my wardrobe to yours and see clothes on an actual person rather than just on a website. Much like the America make-up, I have a few pieces of US clothing that I'm quite excited to share with you.

For general Christmas Lovers...
You're not the only one, I was ridiculously excited to open the first door of my advent calendar this morning. I've had a couple of ideas for some festive baking and other activities that hopefully will help to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

So, I'm sorry it's a bit of a rubbish/photo free post today but I can assure you tomorrow will be A LOT better! 

Brontë xo