December 10, 2014

#Blogmas Day 10: Ebay Make-Up Brushes

Today I'm going to share with you some make-up brushes that were a bit of an impulse buy (available here). My main reason for buying them was to give my brush collection some more variety; especially for eye make-up. They cost £7.95 for 10 brushes. Yes really. With a little gold polka dot customisation they look a hell of a lot more expensive too!

 I have to say this brush (above) is incredibly similar to the real techniques expert face brush. I feel like I need to do some sort of post just on this brush because it is honestly so good and basically works out as less than £1. It's perfect for blending in concealer and any bronzer, blusher or highlighter.
 This taperer brush is ideal for contouring. It fits perfectly on my cheekbone+hollow and picks up just the right amount of product.
This little gem is good for pretty much everything, hence the half rubbed off gold polka dot. I would say I've used this small blending brush the most. For everyday make-up I use it to blend my concealer in smaller places such as around my nose or under my eyes. If I'm feeling more adventurous and attempt a smokey eye, this blends it all together nicely.

I don't rely on them as much as my Real Techniques brushes but I can't complain about the quality at all. They all washed really well and so far no loose hairs. My gold sharpie polka dots are fading though. 
Tomorrow on the blog, it's somehow been a month since my last NVOTM so I'll talking all things nail varnish again!
Brontë xo