December 03, 2014

#Blogmas Day 3: Tiger Haul

Every time I'm in Brighton or more often London, I always find myself in the one-way maze that is Tiger. Don't get me wrong, it's great for pretty much everything BUT why do they not have an online store?!! For this reason, I love looking at people's Tiger hauls to help give me an idea of what is in stock at any given time. 

*disclaimer I have a tea light holder obsession*

I love love love these sequinned trims and although I think they're probably intended for paper crafts, I've been using them in a couple of sewing projects (more on that tomorrow).
sequin trim £2 each or £5 for a pack of 4 (gold+silver)

Ahh, the first of the tea light holders. I ADORE THESE. The copper and silver details and unique shapes make them look a lot more expensive than they actually were. I picked up four different shapes/sizes and as far as I know these are all of the ones from this range. Frankly I'm praying they're planning on bringing out more *fingers crossed* in gold. They make really good oods + ends pots, especially for things like earrings and hair grips.
tea light holders £1 each...yes really!

Oh look, what a surprise, more tea light holders. I'm actually going to use these for tea lights because the give off such a warm glow because of the translucent glass+gold detailing.
tea light holders £2 each

 Glittery tape...yes it actually exists...and yes it has replaced regular tape. 
glitter tape £2 per 5m roll

 Tiger cater for all your stationary needs with notebooks, pencils and pens in every size, shape and colour imaginable. This however has been customised by me. It was a plain black leatherette notebook but I added some matte gold polka dot stickers because apparently everything I own has to have gold polka dots on it somewhere.
notebook £2

I bought the glass jar as a little present d.i.y for one of my friends at uni (post on that soon). It has a chalkboard textured heart on the front which actually works! I also picked up a little skiing decoration for my family christmas tree as well.
Jar £3 
Skiing decoration £2

Hopefully you can take a little inspiration and find a few of these pieces in your nearest Tiger store. 
Tomorrow on the blog, a couple of quick and easy ideas to update your room.

Brontë xo