December 04, 2014

#Blogmas Day 4: Simple Room Updates

I've recently developed a real love for interior design+home textiles; you only need to take one glance at my Pinterest board on home decor to get a feel for my personal style. For me, I think it takes one key piece of inspiration to design a whole concept for a room. In my case it was my Kate Spade Diary (available here US only, sorry!) which is a slightly off white background with metallic gold polka dots. The colour combination is timeless and it has completely shaped my most recent room updates. I've added a few champagne, grey and silver accents to pull everything together and avoid creating a clinical white room.
Let's start off with cushions+bedding, which is the easiest way to transform a room. My actual bedding is from Ikea and unfortunately they don't stock it any more BUT my cushions are handmade and were so easy to do (notice the tiger sequin trim from yesterday-potential d.i.y post?) I would highly recommend getting bedding with a few different tones in it so you're not stuck to a super specific colour scheme. Mine features dark and light champagne/gold shades.
Turns out those fake pearl bracelets that everyone had in year 9 actually make really great curtain ties. I'm pretty certain primary still sell them in packs and primark being primark I think they're £1.
Waitrose Winter Wonderland Candle £3.50
Smells like Christmas without being too sickly and overbearing. Candles are such a good way to make a room more homely. Even if you just have one burning in the corner, the little warm glowing light is so comforting.
Things start to get pretty gold polka dot based from here, so if that's not your type then I suggest you scroll on. 
My phone dock is 10000000% the best thing I've EVER bought. I found it on eBay of all places (here) and they sell them in a lot of different colours so there is bound to be one to suit your colour scheme. I actually added the gold polka dot stickers (here) because I have a problem and I can't be stopped.
Gold Sharpie on a light switch cover is effective and probably the easiest thing to do. I'm sorry for the amount of gold polka dots once again.
Oh, would you look at that more gold polka dot stickers but this time on my ikea desk. Seriously though, this looks SO good in real life and should definitely be considered an "ikea hack".
Annnnd finally, a necklace rail. Your necklaces deserve to be free and untangled plus they look good on display, especially statement ones. Unfortunately mine was a gift so I have no idea where it's from :( This one is pretty cute though :)
So, there are a couple of little updates I've made to my room that hopefully will help someone make a few adjustments that are quick and easy.

Check back tomorrow when I'll be doing a little flashback to my time in California this summer.
Brontë xo