December 05, 2014

#Blogmas Day 5: Photo Diary - California Throwback

Unless you're following me on instagram, you probably won't have seen any of my photos from my trip to California this summer. I spent three months mainly based in Laguna Beach and travelling to a couple of different areas such as San Francisco and Big Bear. Now I'm back in the UK I can fully appreciate just how amazing the experience actually was. So on this rainy British evening, here's a couple of photos to remind you that sunshine still exists.

Hopefully this hasn't bought on too much holiday envy for any one. If any one is even considering going to California I can highly recommend it. Having experienced Northern and Southern California, for me SoCal wins every time. There's something about the pacific coast that has me planning my next trip back already.

 Check back tomorrow for an American brand focus which I've recently realised deliver to the UK and is still super win!
Brontë xo