December 08, 2014

#Blogmas Day 8: Nail Varnish Dupe

O.P.I Sweet Heart,  MUA Natural DaysSinful Colours:Easy Going
One of my favourite beauty products is a classic almost nude pink nail varnish which means I've made quite the collection. When painting my nails the other day I noticed three of my stash are ridiculously similar (incase you didn't know I have a nail varnish obsession) and they're all actually a very good dupe for O.P.I's sweet heart. O.P.I isn't exactly pricey but the two dupes in my opinion have equally good formulas for a third of the price.
 O.P.I Sweet Heart is a classic ever-so-slightly-sheer pink/nude shade. The brush for this one is superior to the others but the formula is lacking in places. I would say on average this polish lasts around 4 days without chipping which isn't that bad but it isn't that great either.
 As far as I know sinful colours isn't available in the UK yet (hopefully there are future plans!) The formula is incredible for a $2 polish which is around £1.40. It lasts for about 6-7 days without chips which is one of the best bargain buys I've found. The colour is identical to the O.P.I but the brush isn't as great. For the price you can't really complain.
 Finally, MUA Natural Days which is the cheapest of the three at £1 BUT the pot is noticeably smaller. In the bottle this looks a lot brighter+opaque than it actually is. The formula is scarily similar to the O.P.I polish but again this doesn't last quite as long as Sinful Colours.

The three nail varnishes are very comparable aside from the price but in my opinion Sinful Colours Easy Going is the winner for me because of its strong and long lasting formula.

Tomorrow is TTT (top three Tuesday) and I'm going to be discussing concealers for every occasion.
Brontë xo