March 19, 2015

Saint Germain des Prés

 It's become quite the tradition that, after attending my french lessons at a ridiculous hour on Monday's and Thursday's, I venture out into a new area of Paris with some of my friends. Last week we decided to head to St Germain de Prés...not to be confused with St Germain en Laye. 
I'd go as far to say that this is one of my favourite places in Paris. The architecture combined with the streets full of high-end stores gives it a Rue St Honoré feel but without the snobbery. 

Each store seemed to take real pride in their window display, of which I didn't take nearly enough photographs. Although, no doubt I'll be back soon with my actual camera rather than my iPhone!

I also accidentally stumbled across Café de Flore which I've been desperate to find ever since I arrived here. It's one of the oldest café/restaurants in the city and serves up all of the classic french cuisine including a croque-monsieur that is difficult to beat. However it's more famous for its historic clientele of writers and poets.

I can't recommend this area enough, especially on a sunny day. The nearest metro stop is 'Saint Germain des-Prés' but the walk from the 'St-Michel' stop is so beautiful and only 10 minuets!

Are there any areas you'd recommend? 


January 29, 2015

La Tour Eiffel

"A Bad Day in Paris is Still a Better than a Good Day Anywhere Else."
So I've now been in Paris for almost 4 weeks (how time flies...) and the above quote couldn't be more true.
It's not all been great; settling in to a new country is hard and speaking another language for the most part is mentally exhausting but I've decided I'm in no position to ever complain about my situation. I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in Paris for 6 months. It is literally a dream.

I figured it would be nice to start getting back into posting regularly and using my blog as a resource for other au pairs or gap year-ers. So, with that said, I want to start by putting up some of my photos from the Eiffel Tower this weekend. 
*Disclaimer* no photos will ever do it justice!

If you do happen to be around the Eiffel Tower, let's face it if you're in Paris it's inevitable, don't make the mistake of buying a crêpe or a café from one of the nearby stands. You'll pay on average three times more than if you were to take a little stroll. Head over to Crêperie Contemporaine which is just south across the river in the 15th. I've found that in Paris, if you make the effort to ask nicely and make a little conversation, there's often an unwritten discount available...manners are free but without them your food is not! 

Hopefully my little post has given you some inspiration if you happen to be in Paris. I think I may write a little more about the "discount".
Bisous Bisous Brontë

January 03, 2015

Why the long pause....

So #blogmas was going pretty great until Dec 19th. I was offered an Au Pairing job for 6 months and my mind went into overdrive. I had to pack for 6 months...6 whole months...half a year! As you would expect, blogging took a bit of a backseat and that was the end of blogmas.
Since then I have arrived in Paris (yesterday) and I hope that once I've started to settle in a little more I'll get back to some more regular posts.

In conclusion, sorry for being awful blogger. One of my resolutions is to try and sort that out!
Brontë xo